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Just a few reminders! HPB Awards have been awarded, so go see if you won an award in a catagory! Also, don't forget that we're doing a community reading of the books, so if you've been wanting to read them over again but haven't had the motivation, hopefully this will encourage you to! :) We just started, so you wouldn't be behind at all. ;)
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Hey everyone!

This is Rach [Rubeus Hagrid]. Just wanted to let you all know I've got a new LJ...I used to be cali_beach_chc but now [obviously] I'm x_rachalicious! :D I've been going around and commenting in quite a few of your journals asking you to add me, but I don't want to forget anybody! :) If you add me I'll see it and will add you back. ;)

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Today, my dears, is Krissi H's (aka Ron Weasley) 19'th birthday! Krissi, we all love you so much, HPB wouldn't be HPB without you! *hugs senseless* We Karitas compiled a little something for you. ;) Have fun guessing!

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Check Teh New Layout!

Hey Guys, Kim (KayPossible) here, Ravenclaw.
So, already intro-ed myself, and just wanted to say Check my new layout, from premade_ljs! Get one from there, it's awesome!
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Hey guys! I'm Kam from Hufflepuff, and I finally joined the comm! Yay!

So, I guess I'll see you guys around! ;)
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