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HPB Hookers

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Calling all HPB whores! Join this community if you're a member of HPB and have an LJ...if you dare.
alan rickman, albus dumbledore, angelina johnson, arthur weasley, bill weasley, bloody baron, canary creams, cedric diggory, charlie weasley, chocolate frogs, crookshanks, daniel radcliffe, diagon alley, dobby, draco malfoy, dungbombs, emma watson, extendable ears, fang, firebolt, firenze, fleur delacour, floo powder, fred weasley, george weasley, grawp, gryffindor, hagrid's hut, hannah abbott, harry potter, harrypotter-boards, harrypotter-boards.com, hedwig, hermione granger, hogsmeade, hogwarts, hogwarts express, house elfs, hpb, hufflepuff, invisibility cloak, j.k. rowling, james potter, jk rowling, jkr, justin finch-fletchley, katie bell, king's cross, lavender brown, lee jordan, lily potter, livejournal, loony lovegood, lucius malfoy, luna lovegood, maggie smith, mandy brocklehurst, marauder's map, merlin, ministry of magic, molly weasley, mr. weasley, mrs. weasley, neville longbottom, nimbus 2000, oliver wood, padma patil, parvati patil, peeves, platform 9 3/4, portkeys, professor flitwick, professor mcgonagall, quidditch, quidditch world cup, ravenclaw, remus lupin, richard harris, robbie coltrane, ron weasley, rubeus hagrid, rupert grint, s.p.e.w., seamus finnigan, sean biggerstaff, sir nicholas, sirius black, skiving snackboxes, slytherin, snape, snuffles, spew, stink pellets, susan bones, the dursleys, the grey lady, the malfoys, the sorting hat, the weasley family, the weasley twins, the weasleys, tom felton, triwizard tournament, viktor krum, weasley twins, winky, wizard cards, wizard's chess